Luisé Cisneros is a non-binary Mexican/Canadian artist born in Mexico City who currently resides in the cities of Belleville and Toronto, Ontario, Canada. As being part of these two cultures ze explores the ideas of land, race, immigration, identity, family dynamics and queerness. Hir diaspora experiences are reflected in hir work by using figurative symbolism and self-portraits creating narratives of multiculturalism. Luisé predominantly works in sculpture and painting but ze also works with film where ze renders themes of Mexican and Canadian culture highlighting hir identity.

Luisé completed a baccalaureate degree in Arts at the "Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana Unidad Xochimilco" University in Mexico City in 2001. Ze worked as a graphic designer in some design studios until 2005 when ze moved to Canada. As soon as ze arrived in Toronto, Luisé started getting involved in the LGBTQ+ art scene by participating in community shows and volunteering in organizations like Supporting our Youth (SOY) and Triangle program where ze was part of Toronto’s LGBTQ+ art community. Also, ze participated in hir first art group show Artwherk! Collective where ze sold hir first artwork to the city of Toronto thanks to Councillor Kyle Ray. In 2015 ze participated in the Latin American Ilustración 4 Contest with hir tribute to "La Virgen de Guadalupe" and won the "Los Diez" Award with nine other artists. The LAI-4 exhibition took place in New York City, Bogotá, Buenos Aires and Brooklyn. Luisé continued participating in local group art shows and worked as a freelance graphic designer until ze moved to Windsor, Ontario in 2016. Luisé continued working in arts by creating a home studio and participating in the Windsor-Essex art scene. In 2017, Luisé participated in the Pride London Art Show and received the Jurors' Choice Award. In the same year, ze started studying in the Fine Arts Program at the University of Windsor. Luis applied to University to both further hir knowledge in art and to advance hir professional art career. In 2018, Luisé participated in the Pride London Art show and won, for a second time, the Juror's Choice Award with hir diptych artwork "Nurture" and "Confidence". A year later, Luisé moved to Belleville, Ontario and transferred to OCAD University where ze is studying in the Sculpture and Installation program.