Luisé Cisneros

Mexican/Canadian Artist

About Me

I am a multi-disciplinary and multi-media Mexican-Canadian artist. My artwork is inspired by the culture of these two countries, my various backgrounds, and my LGBTQ identity. I convey personal experiences in my artwork that narrates different times of my life, helping the viewer understand where I come from and who I am. These works are not only a mirror to evoke myself but to try to reflect other viewers’ stories too and see common ground in the work.

Clay is my main medium but I use drawing, acrylic painting and film to create diverse artwork. Recently I have started to explore installations as a part of my practice, especially at university. Being part of OCAD University has allowed me to push myself to try different mediums to explore new ways to render my narrative, such as my wearable clay sculptures that allow me to express myself but also serve as a part of a living installation.

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